As the western river in the dusk drifts by
When the ebb & flow of life is nigh
A sense of love, a need of feeling
The harvest time is ripe for healing

Poem by Joanna Funnell ©

The busy summer energy gently wanes as the fruits of hard labour are now ready for harvesting. The cool autumn energy flows into life making it a time to prepare for the darker months ahead slowly letting go of aspects that no longer serve us well.

Governs – chaos, change, emotions, feelings, intuition, love, subconscious, mysteries, dreams, sensitivity, female cycle, cycles of life, relationships, family

Potential Psychic Gift – clairsentience & empath

Energy – compassion, understanding, balance, love, healing, gratitude, letting go, cleansing, stillness, emotional clarity

Time for – harvest; choosing what to keep & what to let go of, bringing balance to life, healing, developing psychic gifts, giving thanks, space & energy clearing, going with the flow

Challenging Aspects – emotional turmoil, relationship challenges, unwilling to let go, hoarding, fighting against life’s current, over sensitivity, control

Remedy – work with the Air element. Balances emotions & intellect. Find a quiet, clear space to be still & breathe. Check in with the rational mind, observe thoughts, listen, gain clarity to communicate, surrender to change. Carry or wear Amethyst to calm the mind & assist in connecting to your higher self, bringing in clarity

Zodiac – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Festivals – Autumn Equinox (Mabon) 20th-23rd September, Samhain 31stOctober-1st November

Natural Habitat – water, rivers, streams, sea, lakes, waterfalls, marshland, humid conditions, ice

Symbols & Signs – water, moon, shells, water crystals, heart shape, doves, swans, aquatic animals, mermaids

Elemental – Undines

Popular Crystals & Semi Precious Stones
Aquamarine – cools the emotions, balances heart & throat centre
Rose Quartz – stone of love, attracting it to healing grief
Peridot – stone of happiness & positivity
Pearl – the jewel of the ocean, purity, truth
Ocean Jasper – calms and soothes emotions
Tourmaline – (green, pink, watermelon) – love, emotional healing, strength, joy
Prehnite – restores & replenishes energy to those that are sensitive