As the cycle unites, peace is achieved
The Divine surrounds, as is decreed
The energy, Universal is yours to know
For it’s within, without, above and below
So be assured of life’s continuous flow

Poem by Joanna Funnell ©

Having traveled through Air, Fire Water & Earth, signifying unity on the wheel, the quintessence of all life that holds each element stands in the centre – Spirit. All aspects of each element contains Spirit, within humanity it is the soul.

Governs – Air, Fire, Water & Earth, the solar system, the universe, the cosmos & beyond. It is within, without, above & below, everywhere, infinite, other realms – angelic, fairie, mythical & celestial, the unknown, the soul

Potential Gifts – intuition, Self-Realization, Enlightenment

Energy – Divine light, love & wisdom, truth, purity, forgiveness, compassion, peace, presence, being centred, humbleness

Time for – being still & connecting to the soul aspect within. Listening to the stillness allowing the soul to blossom. Finding your centre, meditation. Living life through the soul’s truth. Mindfulness – bring presence to being in the moment. Remain humble. Spiritual evolution

Challenging Aspects – ego trapped in fear; ego may try many tricks to keep one from developing the soul within; doubt, delusions, fantasies, superiority, arrogance, sense of airs & graces. Discipline oneself in breaking limiting thoughts, patterns & habits that prevent the soul from developing

Remedy – create a simple, sacred, safe space to connect with your centre. Work with the elements of; Air – to assist in stilling the mind & breathe, Fire – to action ones soul journey, Water – to bring in calm & balance, Earth – to bring strength & patience. Nurture will power & determination to allow the soul to develop, finding the stillness within. Seek quietude, meditation, and open-mindedness. Be kind, loving & gentle to yourself.

Natural Habitat – everywhere, within us & without

Symbols & Signs – there are many symbols from different cultures representing Spirit, here are a few suggestions; lotus flower (from the East), rose (from the West), star shape, circle, sacred geometry, images of various enlightened deities & gurus. Signs from Spirit; feather standing up (Spirit is asking for your attention), experiencing a solitary sense of love & contentment, seeing your favorite animal, plant, tree or crystal on 3 consecutive occasions. Tune in to find your personal icon to assist in deepening your connection & awareness on your inner journey with Spirit

Elemental – those belonging to Earth, Air, Fire & Water, nature spirits, angels, spirit guides

Popular Crystals & Semi Precious Stones
Apophyllite – Activates inner vision, connection to higher self, Angels & Guides
Selenite – Protecting, accessing Angelic communication, brings in peace & light
Quartz – King of the mineral Kingdom, amplifies, programmable, clarity, healing
Rainbow Moonstone – Connecting to the Goddess energies, balancing, calming
Labradorite – Known as the Wizard stone, magic, interdimensional
Turquoise – Brings heaven to earth, protecting, clearing