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daydreaming fairy fiddle headfairy daydreaming on stone bench

Daydreaming Fairy


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This lovely little fairy rests her head in her hands, daydreaming away the hours. With her butterfly wings half open, she sits with her legs hanging down gazing into her fairy garden, lost in her own thoughts & imaginings.

Create a magical fairy garden with hidden areas for relaxation & rest & seat this dreamy fairy on a ledged area amongst pretty flowering plants. Decorate with crystals, shells & other fairy treasures.


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Product Description

This wonderful range of Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Houses & Accessories are USA based & made from Polystone, designed for indoor & outdoor use to create an enchanted fairy garden.

The Fiddlehead Fairy Garden range offers a wide variety of products, from quirky houses, miniature accessories & lovely little figurines. Use with small plants to create a magical feature in your garden or in a container to make a portable indoor world instead!

The fae or nature spirits protect all living plant & animal life & can visit in many guises. With that in mind here are a few things to consider when planning your fairy garden –

  • To truly connect with the fae incorporate with houseplants if inside or garden plants, shrubs or trees if sited outside.
  • To keep the fairies happy when creating your fairy garden, please make sure you choose a suitable area that is respectful to Nature so as not to endanger pets & wild life.
  • If your fairy garden is exposed to sunlight & extreme weather conditions your faery items will naturally fade & weather over time, allowing them to gradually age.
  • The hole featured under a fairy garden house is designed to accommodate an LED battery operated light only. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A NAKED FLAME UNDER THE HOUSES.
  • Unless stated otherwise, LED light NOT included.
  • Please note these items are NOT TOYS, they are for decorative purposes only.

Additional Information

Dimensions 45 x 50 x 70 mm