Magical Sentiment

What better way to attract in the fey than to call upon them in rhyme.
They will love you for this & may give you a kiss if they can just spare the time.

Leave them a letter or even better a special token of a heartfelt thought
Which they will love to hear & may whisper in your ear a rather funny retort.

How they will giggle as they see you jiggle & the look upon your surprised face,
As they go about their day creating mischief & play looking after your sacred space.

So don’t be shocked or feel silly if mocked by these wild at heart nature sprites.
They do mean well if only they could tell they’re true nature is pure Divine light.

For a fairies desire couldn’t be much higher than to care for our beloved Mother Earth.
So lend them a hand as you tend to your land honouring Her cycles of death & rebirth.

It may seem like a tough job or feel a bit of a slog to give so much of your precious time.
So the message from the fey each moment of the day is to do your best, come rain or come shine.

By Andrea Brown ©