As the southern midday sun sets the world ablaze
Powerful energy ignites life’s abundant filled days
So comes this joyous transformation
A pure burning source of celebration

Poem by Joanna Funnell ©

The seeds of new beginnings that were planted in the spring are now beginning to manifest as they reach their full potential. The vibrant summer energy warms the earth & allows all life to be rich in its abundance, a wonderful time for joy & celebration.

Governs – destruction, heat, light, life force, energy, creativity, actions, power, empowerment, courage, will, motivation, passion, sexuality, confidence, leadership, authority, protection, movement

Potential Psychic Gifts – clairvoyance & inner sight/visions

Energy – living life, achieving, success, doing, focus, transforming, purifying, alchemy, music, dance

Time for – obtaining goals, taking charge, leadership, manifesting, creating, celebrating, dancing

Challenging Aspects – burn out, rushing, stress, anger, not thinking before acting, lack of awareness, irritability, intensity, insensitivity

Remedy – work with the Water element. Water puts out fire, extinguishing excess energy. Find the coolness & serenity of still waters, make time to relax & to go with the flow. Wear cool greens & blues to ground over fiery energies. Carry or wear Aquamarine for its calming & cooling properties in particular with communicating the emotions

Zodiac – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Festivals – Summer Solstice (Litha) 20th-23rd June, Lammas (Lughnasah) 1st August

Natural Habitat – sunny & hot climate, dry & arid conditions, desert, sand, volcanoes

Symbols & Signs – fire, sun, candles, flame, the hearth, sparks, flashes, dragon, phoenix, horse

Elemental – Salamander

Popular Crystals & Semi Precious Stones
Citrine – The stone of abundance & positivity
Sunstone – Calms anxiety, lifts depression, empowering, unhooks psychic attachments
Carnelian – Enhances creativity, instils confidence, vitalising
Malachite – Stone of transformation, creativity, protecting
Garnet – Grounding, instils self-confidence
Tiger’s eye – Brings clarity of intention, enhances psychic abilities
Ruby – Energizes & balances