Fairy Furnishings

When creating your magical fairy space,
Take care in choosing the perfect place.
Best it be in your garden or home,
For all to enjoy, including the family gnome.

Be sure to keep away from animal guests
So as not to disturb even the smallest of nests.
Encourage the fae with flowers & trees,
Decorate their homes with furnishings & leaves.

Leave for them pots, buckets & barrow,
As they work to encourage your super prize marrow.
Include a place for relaxation & retreat,
Choosing the most comfortable garden seat.

They may wish to reflect in the enchanted frog pond
As they recharge their magical fairy wand.
Remember these little folk need to rest their head,
So please do make sure to include them a bed.

The fairies are busy throughout every day
Working with nature to give her best display.
So please enjoy your fairy garden delights
Whilst they seek comfort before they take flight.

©Andrea Brown