Fairy Folk


Did you know that fairy folk come in many different guises?
A little bit like humans, all various shapes & sizes.
As with us, there are all sorts of distinct & wonderful races,
All of whom have intriguing & enigmatic faces.
Like us, they are individual & truly quite unique,
But they live in a different world from ours so to speak.
Akin to our magnificent planet, which we hold so dear,
Their’s too was created within the same celestial sphere.
A gossamer veil that is known to all as the ‘in-between,’
Is a portal for the fairy folk who wish to remain unseen.
We too may travel to their other earthly dimension,
But only a true believer may enter there with good intention.
While in their ethereal domain, time seems to stand still,
But do take care not to fall asleep upon a fairy hill.
Known by many names throughout our history,
These spiritual caretakers of the earth possess such mystery.
Encouraging the smallest flowers & largest trees to grow,
Whilst watching over Nature’s rivers as they gently flow.
So do you wish to invite the Fae into your world & time?
If so, please be polite & call upon them in rhyme.
Bringing their imagery, plants & crystals into your home,
You create an enchanted world for them enclosed within your own.
Delighted they will be by this act of human affection,
Which spans both worlds & time creating a deeper connection.
Then how these wild nature spirits will love to dance & sing,
But one final word of caution; never step into a fairy ring!
by Andrea Brown ©