As the northern dark sets the world to rest
Life slumbers & seeks within to quest
Night draws in to still & recover
Seek a safe retreat & protect one another

Poem by Joanna Funnell ©

The last of the autumnal leaves fall to the now cold bare earth as nature draws to its seasonal rest. The long dark nights & short days offer a time of reflection, paying special attention to the passing year’s experiences

Governs – death (aspects of self), the physical, body, touch, sensuality, home, structure, security, stability, foundation, organization, prosperity, wealth, materialism, wisdom, ancestors

Potential Psychic Gift – feeling it in your bones, inner knowledge & wisdom

Energy – silence, strength, trust, rest, will power, patience, determination, solitary

Time for – retreat, rest, relaxation, recharging, inner reflection, self-inquiry, seeking the teachings in challenging experiences, honouring our ancestors, releasing unwanted energies

Challenging Aspects – depression, S.A.D, fear, boredom, impatience, stubbornness, laziness, tiredness

Remedy – work with Fire element. Brings in the light & warmth. Create a sacred & safe space to light a candle & decorate with fiery colours & images. Wear fire colours of orange, reds & gold. Shed some light in the darkness, seek courage & protection, empower movement & action to blow away the cobwebs. Trust that all is as it should be. Carry or wear Sunstone & Carnelian to uplift low energies

Zodiac – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Festivals – Winter Solstice (Yule) 20th-23rd December, Imbolc 1st February

Natural Habitat – Mother Earth, rocks, caves, crystals, clay, woodland, forest, trees, wild nature, garden

Symbols & Signs – Crystals & semi precious stones, wood, leaves, plants, burrowing animals, Gaia, house Elf, Brownie, Gnomes. To seek & connect with the Fairy realm, immerse yourself within nature

Elemental – Gnomes

Popular Crystals & Semi Precious Stones
Obsidian – Protecting, allows one to see the truth
Smokey Quartz – Releases & grounds negativity
Agate – Stability, strength, earthy, foundations
Amber – Mood lifter, light bearer, purpose
Black Tourmaline – Protects, grounds and absorbs electromagnetic energy
Hematite – Grounding, balancing, courage, strength
Shungite – Protecting, filters out negativity, clears energies