As the eastern wind catches a feather in the breeze
Through dancing swirls of tormented leaves
When gusts blow away the morning dew
Life once again returns & is renewed

Poem by Joanna Funnell ©

As mother earth begins to awaken from her winter’s slumber, new life is once again reborn within the dawning of spring. A fresh feeling of change & new beginnings for the year ahead gently blows into life.

Governs – rebirth, breath, our sense of smell, the mind, intellect, thought, intention, knowledge, concentration, imagination, memory, communication, study & travel, movement

Potential Psychic Gifts – clairaudience & an enhanced ability to smell aromas & fragrances

Energy – communication, listening, traditional medicine, ideas & inspiration, creativity, writing, sound & vibration, breathing exercises, meditation, mindful movement

Time for – new beginnings, spring cleaning, detoxification, planning goals for the coming year, planting seeds of ideas, starting new projects, study, fertility, change, stillness

Challenging Aspects – confusion, frustration, misunderstandings, breakdown in communication, indecision, procrastination, forgetfulness, wandering mind

Remedies – work with the Earth element. Grounds excess psychic or overcharged energy. Take a walk in nature, woodland, park or garden, feel your feet connect to the earth, breathe. Listen to the feelings & tune into the Earth, bring balance & clarity to thoughts & emotions. Carry or wear Obsidian or Smokey Quartz to assist in grounding & releasing negativity

Zodiac – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Festivals – Spring Equinox (Ostara) 20th-23rd March, Beltaine April 30th-1st May

Natural Habitat – daytime & night sky, mountains, hills, treetops, open spaces, areas of clean air, scented flowers

Symbols & Signs – wind, clouds, feathers, lichen, scented flowers & blossom, bells, chimes, bubbles, birds, winged insects, winged fairies

Elemental – Sylphs

Popular Crystals & Semi Precious Stones
Amethyst – stills the mind, assists making decisions, concentration, enhances connection with spirit guides & angelic realm, protecting
Charoite – Grounds & strengthens spiritual self
Fluorite – Calms mental chatter, melts away blockages
Lapis Lazuli – Protecting, truth, meditation, seeing beyond the confines of the mind
Blue Lace Agate – Soothing, calming, throat activator, communication
Chrysocolla – Communication through the heart (related to water as well)
Kyanite – Assists assertive communication, bridges our world to Spirit